UHF Antenna Length Calculator

The UHF (Very High Frequency) range is 300 MHz to 3000 MHz (3 GHz). Use this calculator to find the dimensions of a Dipole antenna designed to operate at this frequency range.

A half-wave dipole antenna is comprised of two quarter-wavelength conductors placed end to end.

This calculator gives the length of a half wave dipole antenna. Enter the Frequency and the tool will compute the antenna length (L).



Example Calculation

At a frequency of operation 1000 MHz. The dipole length (L) is 5.62 inches or 0.14 meters.

The dimensions are smaller than that of a VHF antenna that operates at a lower frequency.


The total length (L) of the dipole antenna is calculated as:

L = 468 / f

where f is the frequency in MHz.

f can be calculated from the wavelength.

The length of each arm of the dipole

l = L/2

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