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  • Megabyte is written as Mbyte or sometimes MB
  • Kilobit is written as kbit or kb

Note the small ‘b’ denotes bit while uppercase ‘B’ stands for byte.

How many Kilobits in a Megabyte?

  • 1 Megabyte = 8 Mbit
  • 8 Mbit = 8000 kilobits


  • 1 MB = 8000 kb

or there are 8000 kilobits in 1 Megabyte.

How many Megabytes in a Kilobit?

  • 1 kb = 0.001 Mb
  • 1 Mb = 0.125 MB


  • 1 kb = 0.000125 MB

or there are 0.000125 Megabytes in 1 kilobit.


The unit kilobit (kb) is equivalent to 1000 bits. It should not be confused with kilobyte which is equivalent to 8000 bits.

The unit Megabyte (MB) is equivalent to 1000000 bytes which in turn is equivalent to 8000000 bits or 8000 kilobits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1 kb smaller than 1 MB?

Yes, 1 kb (kilobit) is smaller than 1 MB (Megabyte). kilo implies multiplication by 1000, while Mega denotes multiplication by 1000,000.

How to convert MB to kb?

Divide the number of MB by 8000 to get the kb equivalent.

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