Megabyte to Gigabit Converter

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???? Gbit to Mbyte


  • Megabyte is written as Mbyte or sometimes MB
  • Gigabit is written as Gbit or Gb

Note the small ‘b’ denotes bit while uppercase ‘B’ stands for byte.

How many Gigabits in a Megabyte?

  • 1 Mbyte = 8 Mbit
  • 8 Mbit = 0.008 Gbit


  • 1 Mbyte = 0.008 Gbit


  • 1 MB = 0.008 Gb


The unit Gigabit is used in communication networks. Gigabit Ethernet for instance is networking technology that transmits 1 Gigabit or 1000,000,000 bits per second.

Megabyte is a unit that’s used for data storage. For instance a 64 MB flash memory card shown below

Use this tool to find the time to transfer 64 MB of data over a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

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