[SOLVED] August Smart Lock Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

My friend Bob installed an August smart lock. He’s quite pleased with it. However it runs into connection issues and this can be very frustrating. I decided to help him solve this problem.

The good news is that I was able to solve the problem without taking the lock apart!

During the course of my research I came across many different helpful tips. I decided to document the troubleshooting process in case it might help others with the same problem.

If your smart lock keeps losing its connection read on.

Firmware Update

Make sure that the Smart Lock has the latest firmware on it. Firmware updates include bug fixes and performance enhancements including wireless connectivity. You can perform a firmware update using these instructions. As well, you can review the specific updates here.

Reset the Wi-Fi Router

Power down your router by disconnecting the power cable. Wait for 3 minutes and plug it back in. This will effectively reboot it. Many Wi-Fi connectivity issues are resolved with this action.

Battery Status

Once a lock’s batteries reach 25% capacity, a low-battery notification appears on your phone’s unlock screen. You should replace the batteries when you see this notification.

If the batteries are not replaced, you will begin receiving daily emails and push notifications as the batteries approach 0%.

Note that once the battery dies, the device forgets its settings.

Here is a table that shows which battery you need for which version of lock

LockBattery Type
August Smart Lock Gen 14 x AA
August Smart Lock Gen 24 x AA
August Smart Lock Gen 34 x AA
August Smart Lock Pro Gen 34 x AA
August Wi Fi Smart Lock Gen 42 x 3V CR123 or CR123A
August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt in Minutes, Matte Black

Factory Reset the Device

Another solution is to perform a factory reset through the August app. This will take the device settings back to where it was when it shipped from the manufacturer. Once the device is reset you will have to set it up as if it’s brand new. For example, re-enter the Wi-Fi SSID and password.

Distance from the Wi-Fi Router

According to customer support, the maximum range of the August Smart Lock is 15 feet from the Wi-Fi router. The further away the lock is, the harder it will be for it to connect. We discussed the concept of received signal strength in the context of Ring. Ring devices have longer range relative to the August Smart Locks. However the principle is the same: Reduce the distance between your access point and the Smart Lock.

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5 GHz Wi-Fi Networks

The August lock only works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

If you have a 5GHz network running at the same time as the 2.4 GHz network with the same SSID, the lock won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Disable the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Change the SSID of the 5 GHz network to something else and make sure the lock only connects to the 2.4 GHz SSID.

Once the August Smart Lock is connected to the 2.4 GHz network, you can change the SSID of the 5 GHz network back to the same name. Moving forward co-existence of these two networks should not be a problem.

Some networks like to have the two frequencies 2.4 and 5, on the same SSID. In this case you might have to telnet into your Wi-Fi network (or mesh) and turn off the 5 GHz radio. This is the only solution as none of the following will work:

  • Turning the power of the 5 GHz network down
  • Implementing a guest network
  • Altering the security settings
  • etc.

Remove sources of RF Interference

Microwave ovens and other Wi-Fi networks interfere with the operation of your Wi-Fi network. Essentially signals from these other networks and devices, if strong enough can disrupt communications between the Smart Lock and the Wi-Fi router.

???? One way to tell if interference is a problem is to see if the connection is disrupted all the time or only when you turn on a device such as microwave oven or phone.

A simple fix is to remove interfering devices away from the Smart Lock and the Wi-Fi router. Another fix which is useful if you can’t eliminate the source of interference (your neighbor’s Wi-Fi router, for example) is to change the channel of your Wi-Fi router.

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Pick a different Wi-Fi channel

Get a Wi-Fi analyzer app for your phone to show what 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels are being used around you. Find a channel that’s used the least, and set your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to that. Don’t use the Auto setting on your router.

Channels 1, 6 and 11 are non-overlapping so it’s best to pick one of them. Most routers are set to channel 6. Try changing it to 11. The picture below shows channels in 802.11 networks.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Disable Bluetooth Coexistence

Some users have found that disabling the “Bluetooth Co-existence” setting in the router’s wireless settings solves the problem. The feature itself should help the router avoid interference from Bluetooth and vice versa. However it’s likely that the way it’s implemented confuses the August smart lock.

I’ve tested and confirmed that this feature causes the Connect to malfunction. Mine starts flashing red continuously and ceases to function via Android. It will also fail at the same step in the setup process as you described. When Bluetooth Co-existence is disabled, it starts working again.


Here is a quick recap of steps I used to solve the connection problems with the August Smart Lock:

  • Update the device firmware
  • Reboot the router
  • Check the battery status
  • Remove sources of interference
  • Change the channel on the router
  • Disable Bluetooth Co-existence