3Roam was started in 2005 by Navid Nikaein, Antonio Ramos and Francois de Vulpillieres. The company provides high-capacity Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave transmission equipment for wireless and packet networks convergence. 3Roam solutions were designed to bridge the gap between traditional microwave transmission technologies and advanced networking techniques.

Since 2022, 3Roam has focused on publishing educational content, calculators and troubleshooting guides.

Our calculator tools encompass Radio Frequency Antennas, Amplifiers, Filters and more. The troubleshooting posts provide an understanding of the underlying technologies, break down complex procedures into simple instructions that anyone can follow. Educational content such as What is a Bias Tee? explain RF products and technologies and their applications in simple terms.

In 2023, 3Roam acquired the site ClearComMtech.com. Clearcomm Technologies was a manufacturer of RF and microwave equipment. As well, a leading manufacturer of RF Components, Multi band Combiners, Filters, and Duplexers for Wireless, DAS, Small Cell and Public Safety Industries.

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