dBW to Watt Calculator

Use this tool to convert from dBW (dB Watt) to W (Watt).

Both are units of power. The difference being dBW is logarithmic and Watt is Linear.

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Note: The tool defaults to Watt as the output unit. By using the drop down menu, users can select milliwatt, microwatt or nanowatt.


PW = 10PdBW/10


dBW stands for dB relative to one Watt. It is a unit used to measure power levels on a logarithmic scale.

deciBel (dB) units are used to represent the ratio between two power levels or how many times one power level is greater or smaller than another.

dBW (with the suffix that stands for Watt) represents the ratio between a power level and one Watt. As a result, unlike dB, it is an absolute number.

The dBW scale is often used to express power levels in the context of Radio Frequency (RF) and telecommunications systems.

Example Calculations

0 dBW is equivalent to 1 Watt. Every increase of 3 dB on the dBW scale represents a doubling of power, so 3 dBW is equal to 2 watts, 6 dBW is equal to 4 watts, and so on.

Conversely, each decrease of 3 dB represents a halving of power. For example, -3 dBW is equal to half a watt, -6 dBW is equal to a quarter watt, and so forth. Using the dBW scale allows for convenient comparison and representation of power levels, especially when dealing with larger values.

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