LMR-240 Cable Loss Calculator

This tool computes the attenuation loss of a user-specified length of LMR-240 RF coaxial cable [1]. This is a popular antenna cable. To use the insertion loss calculator use the …

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Monopole Antenna Length Calculator

A Monopole antenna, sometimes called a Vertical is a very popular antenna type. It has a single radiating element erected vertically over theground. The length of the antenna is λ/4, …

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dBm to dBV Calculator

This tool converts from dBm (dB-milliwatt) to dBV (dB-Volt). Note: dBV to dBm Related dBm calculators

dBm to dBc Calculator

dBm is the power level in dB referenced to 1 milliwatt. It is an absolute quantity that can be computed from Watt for instance. dBc stands for decibels relative to …

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RF Transformer Calculator

This calculator gives the turns ratio of an RF transformer. Enter the input and output impedance. Formula Np/Ns = √(Zp/Zs) where Background An RF transformer is a passive device that …

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Dipole Antenna Length Calculator

Use this calculator to find the dimensions of a Dipole antenna designed to operate at a specified wavelength. The wavelength is typically specified in meters or m. As an example …

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dBV to dBm Calculator

This tool converts from dBV/dBmV/dBuV/dBnV to dBm and Watt Enter the dBV value and also the impedance. The default value is 50 ohm but it can be changed to any …

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VRMS to dBV Calculator

This tool converts from VRMS (root-mean-square voltage) or V to dBV (dB Volt). Input Units are Volt/millivolt/microvolt/nanovolt RMS. dBV to Volt RMS Formula dBV = 20*Log10(VRMS) Related Calculators


This tool converts from dBV (dB Volt) to VRMS (root-mean-square voltage) or V. Units are Volt/millivolt/microvolt/nanovolt RMS. VRMS to dBV Formula VRMS = 10(dBV / 20) Related Calculators

50 Ohm Attenuator Calculator

Most RF circuits are designed for 50 ohm impedance. This tool calculates resistor values to build an attenuator that matches this value of impedance. To use this tool, enter the …

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