Baud Rate to Frequency (Hz) Calculator

This tool converts Baud Rate to Frequency.

Enter the Baud rate with the appropriate units Baud, kilobaud, Megabaud or Gigabaud.

The tool will convert to the frequency of the pulse in Hz, kHz, MHz or GHz.




fs = Baud Rate

Ts = 1/fs


Baud rate refers to the speed at which different symbols are transmitted per second over a communication channel. The picture below shows a pulse vary with time.

Each symbol consists of two bits. There are therefore four levels. The time duration of each symbol is Ts.

Example Calculation

A Baud Rate of 9600 converts to a frequency of 9600 Hz or 9.6 kHz.

How to measure Baud Rate?

Let’s say you transmit only 00 and 11 in the example above, the output can be measured on an oscilloscope. It will be a square wave that alternates between the max and min symbol values.

???? The period of the square wave will be 2*Ts. The frequency of the square wave will be 1/(2*Ts) or half the Baud rate.

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