Noise Figure to Noise Factor Calculator

This tool converts Noise Figure (NF) to Noise Factor (F).

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Noise Factor to Noise Figure


F = 10NF/10

NF is in dB


Noise factor (F) is defined as the degradation in Signal-to-Noise ratio due to a component in a signal chain [1].

F = SNRin/SNRout

Where SNRin and SNRout are the input and output Signal-to-noise ratios, respectively. F is a linear quantity.

Since the SNR at the output of a component or subsystem is always lower than at the input, the Noise Factor F > 1.

Noise factor is used in a cascaded noise analysis also known as Friis formula.

Example Calculation

For a noise figure of 0.8 dB, the noise factor is 1.20.