uV to dBuV Calculator

This tool helps convert from μV (microvolt) to dBµV (deciBel microvolt).

dBuV to uV

Note that μV is a positive number that represents the root-mean-square (RMS) voltage and it cannot be less than zero.


dBµV = 20*Log10(µV)

The same formula applies when converting either quantity scaled by distance (e.g. per-meter)

dBµV/m = 20*Log10(µV/m)


The dB scale is a very convenient representation for large numbers and allows for easy multiplication of two linear quantities.

uV/m or microvolt-per-meter is used by the FCC to specify radiated limits for RF equipment at a 3-meter distance from the source.

The first three columns of the following table of Radiated Emissions Limit is from [1]. The calculator is used to find the dBuV/m equivalent value

Freq. (MHz)uV/mdBuV/mDistance (m)
30-88100 403
88-216150 43.53
216-960200 463
Above 960500543

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Use this calculator to find the max transmit power (in dBm) for an equivalent dBuV/m power. This is a way to quickly calculate whether your transmitter is within the FCC specified emissions limit.