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  • Gigabit is written as Gbit or Gb
  • kilobyte is written as kbyte or sometimes kB

How many kilobytes in a Gigabit?

  • 1 Gbit = 1000000 kbit
  • 8 kbit = 1 kB


  • 1 Gbit = 106 ÷ 8 kB = 125000 kB


Gigabit is a unit that’s often used in communication systems. It is used to specify the Speed of an Internet Connection or hardware that’s used to connect to the Internet.

kB is a unit that was used for Floppy Disk computer storage. It’s no longer used as storage amounts have increased exponentially. These days units for memory are in the range of MB to TB.

For context, in the year 1976, an 8 inch IBM 43FD / Shugart 850 could store 500 kB.

In 2023, a micro SD card which is 15 mm x 11 mm can store 1 Terabyte = 1000 GB = 1000000000 kB.

In other words, the physical dimensions of the storage medium have been reduced by a factor of 14 while the storage has increased by a factor of 2,000,000.


In the world of networks, the use of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology is used to transmit data at a rate of many Gigabits per second. There are networking technologies in the market today that support 100 Gigabit per second.

Use this tool to find the time to transfer any number of kB over Gigabit Ethernet.

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