Watt per square meter to dB Conversion Calculator

This tool converts from W/m2 to deciBel (dB).

Enter the value, select the units – e.g. Watt per Square meter (this is the SI unit of sound intensity).

The tool will provide the equivalent value in dB.



🔁 dB to Watt per square meter


IdB = 10*Log10(I/Io)


  • Io = 1×10-12 W/m2 is the reference power
  • I is the power measurement in W/m²

Io is the lowest sound intensity that a person with normal hearing can perceive at a frequency of 1000 Hz

Example Calculation

A sound intensity level of 1pW/m2 = 1×10-12 W/m2 is equivalent to 0 dB

Sound Intensity level of 1 W/m2 is equivalent to 120 dB