Voltage Ripple Calculator (with Examples)

This tool calculates the ripple voltage (peak-to-peak) for a full-wave bridge rectifier.

Input the Load Current, Frequency and Capacitor value (select the units using the drop down menu).



???? Smoothing Capacitor


VRipple = ILOAD/(f*C)


  • VRipple is the peak-to-peak voltage ripple
  • ILOAD is the load current
  • f is the frequency
  • C is the capacitor is used to smooth the output voltage to a specified ripple.

Example Calculation

For a load current of 1 Amp, 50 kHz frequency, Capacitor value of 100 uF, the ripple voltage is 0.2 Volt. Increasing the capacitor size by a factor of ten to 1 mF reduces the ripple voltage to 20 mV.

The peak-to-peak voltage can be converted to RMS voltage (approximating it as a sine wave).

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