dBi Calculator

dBi stands for deciBel isotropic [1]. It is the gain of an antenna relative to that of a theoretical isotropic antenna [2].

An Isotropic antenna radiates energy equally in all directions. By contrast a directional antenna focuses energy in a particular direction. The higher the dBi value, the more focused the antenna beam.

Use this Calculator to find the Antenna dBi Gain using:

dBi Formula

Gain (dBi) = 20*Log10(9.73/[λ*(10)AF/20])


  • λ = Wavelength = c/f, where c is the speed of light and f is the frequency
  • AF = Antenna Factor

Note that dBi represents a ratio and not an absolute quantity.

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The higher the dBi, the more focused the energy and the higher the antenna gain.

Helium hotspot owners use high gain antennas to focus in a direction with larger numbers of witnesses. The highest gain we’ve seen in practical use is 8 dBi.

Antenna Gain

Many TV antennas are of the directional Yagi-Uda type (shown in the picture below) and can be pointed in the direction of the transmitting tower for better signal reception.

Yagi-Uda antenna by Tennen-Gas


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