Music Audio File Size Calculator

This tool calculates the audio file size in kilobit, kiloByte, Megabit, MegaByte, Gigabit or GigaByte.


  • Time duration (t)
  • Sampling rate (Fs)
  • Number of bits that represent each ADC sample (NADC)
  • Number of channels (Nchannels)




An industry standard sampling rate of 44,100 Hz is used for audio to capture analog signals up to 20 kHz (the limit of human hearing). Although the sampling rate could be higher.

Each sample of the ADC consists of a number of bits (called the bit depth). The greater the number of bits, the better the resolution.


filesize = t * Fs * NADC * Nchannels


  • t is the time duration
  • Fs is the sampling rate in kHz
  • NADC is the number of bits that represent each ADC sample
  • Nchannels is the number of channels

Example Calculation

For a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, bit depth = 24 bits, 2 channels and duration of 100 seconds, the total data storage is 26.46 Megabyte.

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