Peak Envelope Power (PEP) Calculator

The Peak Envelope Power of a signal is measured in a resistive load, and the formula for it is

PEP = (Vpeak2/2)* (1/R)



In the calculator below, enter

  • Peak voltage or the RMS voltage
  • Resistance

The tool will calculate the Peak Envelope Power

Peak envelope power of an RF modulated waveform is the largest value of the power measurement during a single cycle or time interval.

As shown in the picture above the PEP is power at the crest (or peak) of modulation.

PEP is an important number for radio amateurs as it represents restrictions on transmit power levels in various frequency bands.

Example Calculation

For Vpeak = 100 volt into a 50 ohm load, the RMS voltage is Vrms = 70.7 volt. The resulting Peak envelope power is 100 Watt.