QFX Bluetooth Speaker Not Working – (SOLVED)

The QFX Wireless speaker is a very popular product. However it does have issues with staying connected over Bluetooth.

We studied this problem and documented our research and findings. Try these quick and easy solutions first before replacing the speaker. In fact some of the problems we identified would be an issue with any Bluetooth speaker.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

QFX Speaker is Not Charged

One of the most common reasons for Bluetooth connection dropouts is the speaker battery not being charged enough. This issue becomes even more prominent when listening to music on your Bluetooth connection and try to increase the volume. Since turning up the volume requires more battery power, the Bluetooth connection starts getting flaky if the speaker isn’t charged enough.

Solution: Make sure your speaker is fully charged. If you face a Bluetooth connection drop in the middle of a party, connect your charging cable immediately or toggle to the USB mode.

Your Device is Not in Range

Sometimes overlooked, the connected device not being close enough to the phone is the reason for the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

When connecting your QFX speaker to your phone/tablet/laptop etc., via Bluetooth, ensure that the connected device is within range. The Bluetooth range of the QFX speaker is 100 feet unobstructed. This range can change (be reduced significantly) if there are concrete walls or metal between your speaker and the device.

Solution: Bring the speaker closer to the phone.

Other Wireless Devices Are Interfering

If your QFX Bluetooth speaker is surrounded by multiple wireless devices like Wi-Fi routers, wireless keyboards/mice, smart TV’s, etc., there will be Radio Frequency (RF) interference. In this case the Bluetooth connection will either drop or be unstable. In other words, it will cut in and out.

Solution: Change your speaker’s location or remove the other interfering devices from the vicinity. Please note that any wireless technology operating at 2.4 GHz including Microwave ovens and other Bluetooth devices can cause interference.

Your QFX Speaker Needs a Reset

If none of the above solutions worked, it’s a good idea to reset your speaker.

Solution: To reset the QFX speaker, hold the power and volume down buttons together for 6 seconds. Your speaker will be reset. Now turn it on and pair it with your device again.

Bluetooth needs to be repaired

If all the above solutions didn’t work for you, try the following:

Forget your QFX Bluetooth from your device by

  • Go to the paired devices list.
  • Turn Off your QFX speaker and turn it On again.
  • Press the mode button slightly to select the Bluetooth mode.
  • Now press the BT button for 2 seconds to enter the pairing mode.

Solution: Re-pair the BT connection

Speaker Isn’t in Bluetooth Mode.

The QFX speaker supports USB, AUX input, FM radio, and MicroSD card in addition to Bluetooth. It may be the case that your speaker isn’t in Bluetooth mode.

Check the display of your QFX speaker to see which mode it is in. If it is in Bluetooth mode, the display will have Bluetooth written on it. If not, press the mode button to switch through the modes and select the Bluetooth mode.

Solution: Ensure that the speaker is in BT mode

Speaker cannot Pair With Your Device

Whenever you reset your QFX speaker, all the paired device data gets deleted. In that case, your QFX speaker Bluetooth won’t connect with your device.

Another reason for the connectivity problem might be the speaker information was deleted from the phone or tablet you are trying to connect with. This happens when 7 devices are already paired, and you try to pair the new device. The paired device with the oldest connection time gets deleted in that case.

Maybe your QFX speaker was the oldest device, and it got deleted when you paired a new device.

Solution: Check the paired devices list on the Phone or Tablet you are trying to connect to your speaker.


In this post we have summarized the reasons why your QFX speaker is not connecting to your phone or tablet. Here is a list:

  • Charge the speaker
  • Ensure that it is within range of the phone or tablet
  • Remove nearby interfering devices
  • Reset the speaker
  • Ensure that the speaker is in Bluetooth mode
  • Pair the Bluetooth again
  • Check the paired device list on your phone to endure that the QFX is on there

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