Pyle Speaker Bluetooth Not Connecting [SOLVED]

Pyle makes some excellent quality outdoor wireless speakers. However many people have faced issues with Bluetooth not working. In this post we cover different problems and how to solve them.

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Basic Requirements

Most wireless speakers need a Smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, laptop, with built-in Bluetooth. Audio is transmitted from your device to the speakers.


Make sure that your device is within range of the Bluetooth speakers. The closer the device the higher the power or Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of the Bluetooth signal. (We discussed RSSI within the context of a Ring device here and it’s similar in concept).

A higher signal level means more reliable connectivity. Bluetooth range is stated to be approximately 30 feet. If you’re at a distance greater than 30 feet, you could lose connection. In fact some customers have reported even more limited range at 15 feet.

If you want to extend the range of your Bluetooth connection consider using a range extender.


Pyle outdoor speakers are not passive. They have built-in Bluetooth and amplifiers that need to be powered. If they are not powered, they will not work and you will not be able to connect.

How to connect (pair) Pyle Speakers to Bluetooth

  • Turn ON your Android, IPhone, laptop, tablet or other Bluetooth device
  • Open the Bluetooth Settings
  • Search for the Pyle Audio Bluetooth Device
  • Pairing – In order to do this you have to enter the code “0000
  • Play music using the phone’s media player
  • Enjoy!

Problem connecting to Macbook Air

  • Once connected, go to Sound Preferences
  • Switch first to “Internal Speakers
  • Then switch back to “Pyle Audio” and it will start working.

Problem connecting with more than two speakers

The speakers connect by pair only. In other words, you can only use them two at a time and you cannot add more than one set together. This is unlike a Sonos system for example, where any number of speakers can be added to your system.

What is the Bluetooth Pairing Code for Pyle Outdoor Speakers?

The code is 0000. You will need this number to connect to the speaker with your phone.

Light is green when turned on but when I attempt to connect through Bluetooth the light turns Red

  • Go to your mobile phone settings
  • Press and hold the speaker’s Bluetooth name or part number
  • Hit Forget
  • Reboot both speakers by turning the power OFF and then ON
  • Once the unit or phone is ON try to reconnect to the speakers
  • They should start working again

How do I connect the Pyle speakers to Alexa?

The speakers cannot be connected directly to Alexa. The phone that you use to connect to these speakers can be connected to Alexa and the audio plays through the speakers.

I hear a high pitched noise when connected to Bluetooth – how to solve this problem?

There are a couple of solutions to this problem.

Try resetting the speakers using the following procedure

  • In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, forget the Pyle Audio device
  • Once this is done, power speakers OFF and then turn them back ON
  • Reconnect to the speakers

This will likely eliminate the high pitched noise.

If that did not work, check to ensure your power source is properly grounded.

Will not connect to Bluetooth when second speaker is connected

  • Unplug both speakers
  • Connecting them together
  • Plug them back in
  • Turn the Bluetooth on

Pyle audio doesn’t show up under Bluetooth devices – how to fix this?

  • Use the search button on your Bluetooth settings.
  • You can also unplug the power source for the speakers and plug it back in. This resets the speaker which might have been “frozen” for some reason.

Can I plug a device directly into the speakers (without having to use Bluetooth)?

No, these speakers do not have an Auxiliary input. They only work with Bluetooth.

How to control the volume of Pyle Speakers?

The volume can be adjusted using the volume control of your device (Phone, Tablet or Laptop). There is no independent volume control on the speaker.

Bluetooth disconnects and reconnects at random

If you have an unreliable or intermittent Bluetooth connection this can be quite frustrating. Note that in this case there’s no issue with connecting to the speakers. The issue is staying connected because the speakers cut in and out.

The most likely reason for this is RF interference from a Wi-Fi network or any other device operating at 2.4 GHz. Even a microwave oven can interfere.

To resolve this try any of the following:

  • Move the Wi-Fi system – it could be a Wi-Fi mesh network node or a router that’s placed close to the speaker
  • Switch the Wi-Fi network to operate at 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz

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