dBuV/m to dBm Calculator

The calculator converts from radiated power in dBuV/m (deciBel microvolt-per-meter) at 3 meters to conducted power in dBm at the output of the transmitter.

dBm to dBuV/m

Example Calculation

In this example we compute the maximum transmitter power in dBm from the level of the radiated field measured at a distance of 3 meters away.

This transmit power is also known as the Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP).

The Effective Radiated Power (ERP) is given by

ERP = EIRP – 2.15

For frequencies above 960 MHz, the FCC stipulates a maximum radiation limit of 500 uV/m at 3 meter distance from the transmitter. Use this calculator to convert uV to dBuV.

500 uV/m equates to 54 dBuV/m.

A field strength value of 54 dBuV/m equates to a power level of -41.2 dBm at the transmitter.

Output Power of Wholehouse FM Transmitter

We can use this calculator to find the output transmit power of the Whole House FM transmitter.

The FCC report shows a maximum field-strength level of 43.5 dBuV/m in the FM band. This translates to an EIRP of -51.7 dBm at the output of the FM transmitter.