Bobcat miner offline not syncing – how to solve this?

If your Bobcat miner has gone offline and it’s no longer syncing, how do you get back online?

The first thing to do is connect to the device via Bluetooth to check the status and be sure that it’s connected. Sometimes if you disconnect to change locations or for any other reason the status can show as disconnected for a while after. It’s important to note that Helium Explorer is not real time. Give it a half day or so to update.

If after half a day it still appears to be disconnected and offline, the fix is quite simple.

Here are the steps:

  • Reset the miner through the web interface
  • After you have done that, let the hotspot do its thing
  • Even if the web interface says its good to go and the light is green just leave it alone (i.e. don’t unplug it or reset it again)
  • Check on it after a few hours. It should be back online and you will be ready to earn HNT once again!



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