MSPS to Mb/s Converter

This tool converts Mega Samples per second to Megabit per second. It can also be used for the following conversions:

  • GSPS to GBit/s
  • kSPS to kbit/s
  • SPS to bit/s




The sampling rate of Analog-to-Digital Converter is expressed as

  • GSPS – Gigasamples per second
  • MSPS – Megasamples per second
  • kSPS – Kilosamples per second
  • SPS – Samples per second

The sampling rate converter can be used to find this number.

Each Sample consists of a fixed number of bits. This fixed number can be 12, 14, 24, etc.

This tool determines the throughput required to sustain this data output from the ADC both in Mbit/s and in MByte/s.

Example Calculation

If an analog waveform is sampled at 100 MS/s with a 12-bit ADC, the throughput required to sustain this rate is 1200 Mbit/s or 150 Megabyte/s.

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