dBuV/m to V/m Calculator

This calculator converts from dB Microvolt-per-Meter to Volt-per-Meter.

Enter the value of dBμV/m and the tool will provide the field strength with the following units:

  • V/m
  • mV/m
  • μV/m
  • nV/m

Use the drop down menu to select the units of interest.



???? V/m to dBuV/m


V/m = 10((dBμV/m-120)/20)

Background and Applications

This converter is useful where field strength numbers are provided on a logarithmic scale but have to be converted to linear for other calculations.

As an application example, there might be a requirement to find the power at the input to a receiver. Units for this are dBm or Watt. This power is used to compute in many instances, the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). It can also be used for system planning purposes – to answer the questions:

The field intensity when provided in dBuV/m can be used to convert to linear V/m using the calculator on this page. The advantage of using the dB scale is that very large and small numbers can be easily represented.

Once you have the V/m number, it can be used in this calculator to find the corresponding dBm value. Note you will also need the received antenna gain usually specified in dBi and the frequency of operation.

Example Calculations

For a field strength value of 40 dBuV/m, the equivalent V/m is 100*10-6 V/m. This is equivalent to 100 μV/m.

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  • dBm to dBμV/m – this tool converts EIRP in dBm to field strength at any distance away from the transmitter. Note that the EIRP includes the transmit antenna gain.