How to Convert One Range of Values to Another

This tool converts a value from one range to its corresponding value in a new range.

As an example let’s say the old range was 10 to 50 and the new range is -100 to 0, then what does a value of 25 in the old range convert to in the new range?



  • Old value
  • Minimum and maximum values from the old range
  • Min and max values from the new range

The calculator will give the new value from the new range



Example Calculation

With the following range values

Old Range1050
New Range-1000

A value of 25 is converted to -62.5

How is this value calculated?

The linear equation is used to first find the slope of the line that connects the two points. Think of the new range as plotted on the y-axis and the old range on the x-axis.

The basic equation that describes this is

y = m*x+c


m = (new_rangemax – new_rangemin)/(old_rangemax – old_rangemin)

the intercept point c is calculated using the equation

c = y-m*x

in this case

c = new_rangemax – m*old_rangemax

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