Monopole Antenna Length Calculator

A Monopole antenna, sometimes called a Vertical is a very popular antenna type. It has a single radiating element erected vertically over the

The length of the antenna is λ/4, where λ is the wavelength. It uses a conductive surface to create a ground plane.

Enter either the operating frequency or the wavelength. This calculator gives the physical length of a monopole antenna.

Example Calculation

At a frequency of 144 MHz, the wavelength is 2.08 meters and the length of the monopole antenna is 0.52 meters.

Practical Examples of Monopole Antennas

A whip antenna like the one found on an FM radio shown below is an example of a monopole antenna

What is the length of an FM Monopole Antenna?

The FM band extends from 88 MHz to 108 MHz. Using the center of the band 98 MHz for this calculation, the length of an FM monopole antenna is 76 cm.

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