dBV to dBu Calculator

This tool converts from dBV to dBu.



???? dBu to dBV


dBu = dBV + 2.21

V = 10(dBV/20)


What are dBu and dBV?

dBu and dBV are deciBel units corresponding to voltage.

The voltages above are root-mean-square values and not average, peak or peak-to-peak.

Note that dBu is not the same as dBuV or dBµV

dBu Example Use Case

Professional Line Level Audio (+4 dBu) refers to a standard operating level in professional audio. The term dBu is used to measure the audio signal level in relation to a reference voltage of 0.775 volts.

At +4 dBu, the audio signal level is approximately 1.228 volts.

This standardized level ensures compatibility and allows for consistent levels between different audio equipment. Professional audio equipment, such as mixers, signal processors, amplifiers, and other audio devices, are designed to operate at this +4 dBu level. This ensures optimal audio quality, minimized noise, and compatibility between different devices.

The use of decibels as a unit of measurement for audio levels allows engineers and technicians to accurately adjust and control the signal strength without distortion. By maintaining a standardized operating level, professionals can easily integrate various audio equipment into their setup, resulting in a cohesive and well-balanced sound system.