File Transfer Time Calculator

This tool calculates the time it takes to transfer a data file.


  • File Size
  • Transfer speed




Transfer Time = File Size / Transfer Speed


The transfer time is directly proportional to the size of the file and inversely proportional to the transfer speed.

The slowest file transfer speed is 21 bits/second associated with Morse Code – the primary mode of data communication in the year 1844.

Terabit Ethernet in 2025 by comparison will achieve speeds of 1.6 Terabit/s (1.6*1012 bits/second).

Example Calculation

Transferring 1 Terabyte of data using Morse Code would take 4409171 days or 12080 years. Compare that with Terabit Ethernet. Over this interface, the same amount of data will take only 5 seconds.

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