LC Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator

This tool calculates the resonant frequency of an LC circuit, which consists of an inductor (L) and a capacitor (C) connected together


Enter the values for

  • Inductor (H)
  • Capacitor (F)



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  • f0 is the resonant frequency in Hertz (Hz),
  • L is the inductance in Henries (H),
  • C is the capacitance in Farads (F),
  • π is the mathematical constant Pi (≈3.14159).

This formula gives the frequency at which the circuit will resonate. At this frequency the inductive and capacitive reactances will cancel each other out. As well, the impedance of the circuit will be at its minimum, limited only by the resistance of the components (which is not accounted for in this ideal formula).

Example Calculation

For a capacitor value of 10 pF and inductance of 200 nH, the resonant frequency is 112.54 MHz

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