What is the Arduino Due ADC Sampling Rate?

The Arduino Due ADC has a maximum sampling rate of 1 Mega-Sample per second (MSPS).

This max rate can only be achieved when the ADC pre-scaler is set to its lowest value (DIV_1) and when only one analog channel is being sampled.

The Due [1] includes the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU [2]. This part has a 16-channel ADC with 12-bits. However only 12 of the ADC pins are connected to the PCB header for user access.

The ADC in the Due is an upgrade from the Arduino Uno which has a 10-bit ADC with a lower sampling rate of 15 kilosamples per second (kSPS).


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[2] Atmel SAM3X8E data sheet

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