Speaker Efficiency Calculator (with Examples)

This tool calculates the speaker efficiency from its sensitivity.

Enter the Sensitivity in dB and the tool will provide the Efficiency expressed as a percentage.



???? Speaker Sensitivity


Efficiency = 10(Sensitivity – 112)/10


The Efficiency of a speaker is the ratio between the acoustic output power and the input power (provided by an amplifier). It can expressed as a percentage and varies between 0.2 % to 2 %.

The Sensitivity of a speaker is a measure of how well it converts input power to acoustic output. Manufacturers will typically provide this number in their data sheets.

Sensitivity is also the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measured at a distance 1 meter away from the speaker when 1 Watt of power is injected by an amplifier.

Example Calculation

For a Sensitivity of 95 dB (1W/1m) the efficiency of the speaker is calculated to be 2%.

At a sensitivity level of 112 dB, the efficiency is 100%.

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