2 m Dipole Antenna Length Calculator

This tool calculates the physical dimensions of a 2 meter dipole antenna.

At 2 meters, the dipole length (L) is 3.12 feet. The length of each element of the dipole (l) is half of that at 1.56 feet.




The total length (L) of the dipole antenna is calculated as:

L = 468 / f

where f is the frequency in MHz.

For 2 m wavelength, the frequency is 149.9 MHz.

The length of each arm of the dipole

l = L/2

Note that the wavelength of the received or transmitted signal (expressed in meters) should not be confused with the dimensions of the dipole.

Background Information

Frequency Range

While 2 m wavelength is equivalent to a frequency of almost 150 MHz, in actual practice, the 2 meter band refers to the frequencies that extends from 144 MHz to 148 MHz. This is within the VHF (Very High Frequency) communications band that extends from 30 MHz to 300 MHz. It is named “2-meter” because the wavelengths in this band measure approximately 2 meters.


Amateur radio operators utilize this band for voice communications. However it can also be used for low data rate communications. This band is widely used for various purposes, including local and regional communication, emergency services, and even satellite communication. Many handheld radios and mobile transceivers are designed to operate on the 2 meter band, making it accessible and versatile for amateur radio enthusiasts.


Depending on the mode of propagation a 2 m band amateur radio transmission can reach thousands of kilometers.

Modulation Formats

The most common mode of communication in the 2-meter amateur radio band is FM (Frequency Modulation), which is used for voice transmissions. However, other modes such as SSB (Single Sideband) and CW (Continuous Wave) are also utilized by operators.


The 2-meter amateur radio band is home to many repeaters, which are devices that receive and re-transmit signals over a wide area, allowing for extended communication range. These repeaters serve as invaluable tools for both local and long-distance communication within the amateur radio community.

Overall, the 2 meter band is an integral part of the amateur radio community, providing a reliable and efficient means of communication.

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