Baofeng Radio Range

Baofeng radios are very popular world wide. A question that comes up a lot is:

How far can my Baofeng radio reach?

The answer depends on various factors:

  • Height of the radios above ground
  • Is a repeater being used?
  • How efficient is the antenna?
  • Propagation environment – how dense is it?

Use this calculator to determine the distance that your radio can transmit.



How to use the Range Calculator

Enter the following:

  • Height of your radio
  • Height of a repeater (leave it at zero if there are none)
  • Operating environment

As an example, a Baofeng radio operating indoors with a height of 5 feet will have a maximum range of only 1 mile.

How to improve the distance of your Baofeng Radio

Here are a few tips on how to increase the communication range of your radio:

  • Make sure your batteries are charged. The electronics in a radio (in particular the transmitter and receiver) will operate at their best when the batteries are healthy and charged
  • Use a better antenna
  • Increase your height above ground – in general the higher you are, the fewer the obstructions and the better the propagation
  • Operate in an interference and obstruction free zone. This is probably the most difficult to achieve. It’s hard to know what radios are operating near you. As a result you cannot really control the amount of RF interference. And in general the higher the interference, the lower the range. As well, you cannot move obstructions. However you can for instance, move outdoors to improve range.

Here’s a longer post on how to resolve transmission issues with your Baofeng radio

What is the range of other Baofeng radios?

The Baofeng UV-5R transmits a power of 4 Watts. If you are using another Baofeng radio like the UV-82HP or the BF-F8HP which are able to transmit at 8 Watt, your maximum range will be doubled outdoors or in an open field.

In dense urban environments, there are buildings and other structures that impede the signal transmission. In this case, no amount of power can increase the range of the signal.

What is a repeater?

A radio repeater is a device used in telecommunications to extend the range of a radio signal.

It serves as a relay station between two or more radios in order to amplify and transmit the signal over a greater distance. The main function of a radio repeater is to receive a weak radio signal from a transmitter, strengthen it, and then re-transmit it at a higher power level to increase its coverage.

This enables the radio signal to reach areas that would otherwise be outside its range. By using a radio repeater, two-way radios can communicate over longer distances, making them an essential tool in situations where clear and reliable communication is crucial, such as in emergency response operations or large-scale events.

Here is a video that shows how to build a repeater using two handhelds and an interface

In summary, a radio repeater plays a critical role in extending the range and effectiveness of radio communication systems.