Gbps to GB Converter

This tool calculates the total number of Gigabits and Gigabytes from Gigabit-per-second.

Gbps is the number of Gigabits that are transferred over a communication link every second. It is a measure of the speed of the network and also referred to as bandwidth or throughput.

To find the total data transferred in terms of Gigabits (Gb) or Gigabytes (GB), enter:

  • Number of Gbps
  • Time in seconds/minutes/hours



Example Calculation

Most mobile network companies have data plans that are specified in Gbps.

For example this carrier offers 150 GB at speeds up to 1 Gbps. Once that limit is reached, the bandwidth will be reduced.

To convert from Gbps to GB, use the calculator on this page.


  • The desired bandwidth. This depends on the application. For instance, streaming a 4K movie, requires up to 50 Mbps. This is equivalent to 0.05 Gbps.
  • The amount of time in seconds/minutes/hours.

If a movie is streamed for 2 hours, the total data usage is 45 GB. This is about a third of the maximum data 150 GB consumption at high speed. After about 7 hours of movie watching, the speed will be reduced.

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