DHO914s vs DHO812 – which one is better?

The table below compares key specifications of two oscilloscopes from Rigol.

Comparison Table

Bandwidth125 MHz ????100 MHz
Sampling Rate1.25 GS/s1.25 GS/s
Number of Analog Channels44
Number of Digital Channels16 ????
Arbitrary Function GeneratorY ????N
Vertical Resolution12 bits12 bits
Memory Depth50 Mpts ????25 Mpts
Waveform Captureup to 1,000,000 wfms/sup to 1,000,000 wfms/s
RT Waveform Record & Playbackup to 500,000 framesup to 500,000 frames
FFT size1 Mpts1 Mpts
Screen 7 inch (1024×600)7 inch (1024×600)
Weight1.78 kg1.78 kg
Dimensions265.35 mm (W) x 161.75 mm (H) x 77.38 mm (D)265.35 mm (W) x 161.75 mm (H) x 77.38 mm (D)
Price$700$400 ????

The biggest improvements of the DHO914s relative to the DHO812 are:

  • 16 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • Arbitrary Function Generator
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • Greater Memory Depth

All the other specs are the same. At $700, the price of the DHO914s is quite a bit more expensive than the DHO812 ($400).

With the additional improvements to functionality, the DHO914s is the better instrument.


[1] Rigol 900 series

[2] Rigol 800 series data sheet

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