kbps to Mbps Converter

This tool converts from kilobit-per-second to Megabit-per-second.



Mbps to kbps

kilobit-per-second is also written as kbps or kb/s.

1 kbps = 0.001 Mbps

Example Calculation

In the late 90’s people connected to the Internet using 56k dial up Modems. The internet speed at the time was 56 kbps. Today with a fiber connection I connect at a speed of 500 Mbit/s.

How much faster is my Internet connection today?

Using the calculator, 56 kbps converts to 0.056 Mbps.

In 2023, the internet is 500/0.056 = 8929 times faster than it was in 1998

How to Convert kbps to Mbps

The easiest way to do this is to multiply the number in kbps by 0.001. 4 kbps is then 4*0.001 = 0.004 Mbps. Alternatively the calculator on this page can be used.

kbps to Mbps Table