Series Capacitor Calculator

This tool calculates the total capacitance for any number of capacitors connected in series.




When capacitors are connected in series, the total or equivalent capacitance (Ctotal) is less than any individual capacitor’s capacitance in the circuit.

The formula to calculate the total capacitance of n capacitors connected in series is given by the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of their individual capacitances:

1/Ctotal​ = 1/C1​​+ 1/C2​ ​+ ⋯ +Cn​​

Or for two capacitors in series, it simplifies to:

1/Ctotal​ = 1/C1​​+ 1/C2​ ​​

And Ctotal can be found by taking the reciprocal of the sum:

Ctotal = C1C2/(C1+C2)

Example Calculation

Two capacitors with values 1 µF and 3 µF in series gives a total series capacitance value of 0.75 µF.

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