How to Transfer your phone number from Speakout to Freedom Mobile


This post provides instructions on how to move from 7-11’s mobile phone service called Speakout to Freedom Mobile and retain your phone number.

⚙ These step-by-step instructions will work for transferring your number from Speak Out to any of the following Canadian carriers: Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Public Mobile, Videotron, Sasktel, Fido, Chatr


Step 1: Go to a Freedom Mobile booth or store

Step 2: The person at Freedom Mobile will ask you for your IMEI number and Phone Number. Speakout does not provide a PIN number so don’t waste your time looking for one. As well, it’s really challenging to reach anyone at Speakout by phone.

???? The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identifier assigned to mobile phones and some satellite phones. It serves as a means of tracking and distinguishing individual devices in a mobile network.

The IMEI number is a 15-digit numerical code. It is typically displayed on a label inside the phone, on the device’s packaging. It can also be retrieved by dialing *#06# on the phone’s keypad.

???? Make sure you write it down on a piece of paper for the Freedom team. Double check it because any error here will mess things up with the transfer.

Step 3: At this point Freedom will first create a temporary phone number (e.g. 289-123-4567) for you on their network. They will then make an electronic request to Speakout to initiate the transfer.

Important: The number transfer can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours. I transferred two numbers. In one case it took 25 minutes. In the other it took about 10 hours. Port protection on my Speak out account was disabled and it needs to be for a successful transfer. It’s most likely disabled on all accounts by default. So you really do not have to call Speakout to sort this out.

You should receive this text message at some point

It’s important that you don’t cancel the Freedom Mobile transfer process or the temporary number. I did that for the first transfer and it just complicated things.

Step 4: You should receive an email from Freedom. At this point your number 416——- has been transferred to Freedom. Freedom then ports the temporary number 289——- to your Speakout number 416——-.

You should receive the following email.


You have successfully changed your phone number from 289——- to your new number 416——-. If you did not request this change, please call us at 1(877) 946-3184 or dial 611 from your Freedom Mobile phone.

Thank you,

Freedom Mobile

✅ And that’s it – the process is complete and you’re all set with the new carrier.


[1] If you’re transferring from Bell to Freedom Mobile, after Step 3 you will receive a text message from Bell to confirm your request. Respond with “Yes” to complete the process. Their process is a little more sensible when compared with Speakout.

Reader Feedback

Thanks for this guide. I just went through the process through their WhatsApp support line, to port a SpeakOut number to replace the Freedom number I had for about 2 weeks. I used my SpeakOut phone number as the account number, the current IMEI the SpeakOut SIM was using, and no PIN. It took 23 hours from putting in the request to receiving the confirmation email/text from Freedom. — 985