dBi to dBd Calculator

This handy tool converts antenna gain from deciBel relative to an isotropic antenna (dBi) to deciBel relative to a dipole antenna (dBd).



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Gain (dBd) = Gain (dBi) – 2.15

Example Applications

Example 1: Home Wi-Fi Router Antenna

  • Scenario: You’re comparing two Wi-Fi routers for your home network. Router A has an antenna gain of 5 dBi, while Router B’s antenna gain is specified as 2 dBd.
  • Conversion for Comparison: To compare them directly, use the calculator to convert Router A’s gain to dBd: 2.85 dBd compared with Router B at 2 dBd
  • Conclusion: Router A will provide slightly better range or coverage, all other factors being equal.

Example 2: Outdoor Directional Antenna for a Base Station

  • Scenario: For a community internet service, you’re setting up an outdoor base station requiring a directional antenna. You have the option between an antenna with 14 dBi gain and another with 11 dBd gain.
  • Conversion for Comparison: Convert the 14 dBi gain into dBd to make an accurate comparison
  • Conclusion: The antenna with 11.85 dBd gain offers slightly better performance in terms of potential coverage and signal strength compared to the 11 dBd of the second antenna.

These examples demonstrate the use of the calculator. Whether you’re setting up a home network or a community internet service the calculator helps you make informed decisions regarding antenna selection for optimal performance.

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