Current (Amps) to dBm Calculator

This tool converts a Current value in Amps (Ampere), mA, μA, nA to its equivalent Power value in dBm.


  • Current (I). Select units: A/mA/μA/nA/pA
  • Impedance (Z). The default value is 50 ohm although it can be changed to any value



🔄 dBm to Amp


                                PdBm = 20*Log10(I) + 10*Log10(Z) + 30

Example Calculation

For a current value of 1 Amp and Impedance of 50 ohm, the equivalent power PdBm is 47 dBm.

For the same value of current and a resistance of 75 ohm, PdBm is 48.75 dBm.

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