Bit Rate to Baud Rate Calculator

This tool calculates the Baud Rate from Bit Rate.


  • Bit rate with the units bps/kbps/Mbps/Gbps
  • Number of Bits per Symbol
  • Number of Channels
  • Select the output units: Baud, KiloBaud, MegaBaud or GigaBaud



???? Baud Rate to Bit Rate

Baud Rate

Baud rate is an important concept in data communication.

It refers to the rate at which different symbols are transmitted per second over a communication channel.

While often used interchangeably with bit rate, there is a difference between the two. Bit rate refers to the number of bits transmitted per second, while baud rate refers to the number of symbols or signal changes per second.

How to convert Bit Rate to Baud

The Baud Rate fs is given by

fs = R/(N*C)


  • R is the bit rate (specified in bps/kbps/Mbps/Gbps)
  • N is the number of bits per baud
  • C is the number of transmission channels

Divide the Bit rate by Number of bits per baud times Number of Channels to get the Baud rate.

Baud rate (Bd) is measured and expressed in baud or symbols per second.

Also the following unit conversions apply

  • 1 kBd (kilobaud) = 1000 Bd
  • 1 MBd (megabaud) = 1000 kBd
  • 1 GBd (gigabaud) = 1000 MBd

Example Calculation

If the bit rate is 1800 kbit/s and there are 6 bits per symbol and 2 channels, the effective baud rate is 1800/(6*2) = 150 kBd or 150,000 baud.

If there are only two symbols in the system (typically 0 and 1) transmitted over a single channel, then we can say that N = 1. In this case, baud and bits per second (bit/s) are equivalent.

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