ADC Sampling Rate Calculator

The time it takes in an ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) for a sample of an Analog input to be converted to its equivalent Digital value.


  • Sample and Hold time
  • Conversion time


Sampling Time = Conversion time + S/H time

Sampling Rate = 1/Sampling Time

Example Calculation

If the S/H time is 10 μs and the Conversion time is 55 μs, then the total sampling time is 65 μs.

The ADC Sampling Rate is 15.4 kHz or 15.4 kSPS.

The value of the input impedance can negatively impact the sample and hold time. Most ADC vendors make recommendations on the maximum value of the input impedance. In the case of the Arduino for instance, Atmel recommends a max value of 10 kΩ. Anything higher will increase the settling time and result in an inaccurate reading of the voltage level.

ADC settling time

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