[SOLVED] JVC Bluetooth Headphones Not Working

My friend Alexia uses her Bluetooth headphones all the time – whether she’s on public transit, studying at home, or working out at the gym. Issues with her headphones can really ruin her day. These issues can turn an enjoyable study session into a frustrating mess.

If you’re like Alexia, fret not! In this guide, we’ll address some common issues users face with their JVC headphones not working as expected. From disappearing from your device’s Bluetooth list to one side losing sound, we’ve got solutions for you. Let’s dive in! 


JVC Headphones Not Appearing On PC/Laptop Bluetooth

If your JVC headphones aren’t appearing in your PC/laptop’s Bluetooth list, make sure that your headphones are on and you’ve updated your Bluetooth drivers in your system settings.  

If they still are not working, we suggest the following steps:

  • Turn off your headphones by pressing the power button.
  • Now, turn them back on and press the power button for at least seven seconds.
  • The LED indicator will start flashing alternately red and blue.
  • Now, check your device’s Bluetooth list and click on the model number of JVC headphones that appear in the list.
  • The LED indicator will start flashing blue when the pairing is complete. 

Please note that if you don’t connect your JVC headphones to a Bluetooth device for over 5 minutes, the system turns itself off automatically. That’s why sometimes the JVC headphones stop appearing in the Bluetooth list. 

Yet another solution is to ensure that the previously connected devices to the headphones aren’t discoverable while you are trying to connect your JVC headphones to your PC/Laptop. For example, if you’ve used your headphones with your phone, be sure to turn Bluetooth off on your phone before attempting to connect them to your computer. 

Here’s a Microsoft forum thread that discusses this solution

JVC Headphones Not Pairing to Laptop/PC

If your JVC headphones are discoverable and appear in your PC/laptop’s Bluetooth list, but you are still unable to pair them successfully, here’s what to do. 

Check your device’s previously paired devices. Your device may have exceeded the limit of the maximum allowed paired devices. Remove one or two previously paired devices from the list and connect your JVC headphones again. 

Next, ensure that your JVC headphones aren’t trying to pair with more than one device at a time. In general Bluetooth headphones can pair with only one device successfully.

JVC Headphones Not Charging

If your headphones are dead and aren’t charging when you plug them in, typically you just have to wait. Typically they take longer to start charging, even after connecting to a charger. 

If your JVC headphones aren’t entirely dead and aren’t charging when connected, ensure that the connection is tight and that the power source is turned on. Also, try replacing the connected charging cord with any micro-USB charging cable. 

Please note that the headphone indicator flashes red when the charger is connected, and the system is charging. This indicator goes off once its completely charged. So, it might be the case that your headphones are already fully charged, and that’s why the LED indicator doesn’t flash on connecting a charger. 

JVC Headphone Has No Sound From One Side

If one side of your headphone has suddenly lost or is losing sound sporadically, it is time to clean your headphones. 

Sometimes, ear wax blocks the points/holes from where the sound comes out. Cleaning/reopening them with a pin can remove the debris and bring the sound back. 

Also, ensure that the connected cord isn’t twisted or damaged. You can try moving the cord to see if it improves the sound. If it does, it is better to replace the cable or fix the damaged connection.

Reference: Reddit discussion thread

JVC Headphones Keep Flashing Red

If your JVC headphones are connected to a charger and keep flashing red, that indicates the charging process is in progress. But if the headphones aren’t connected to the charger and still keep flashing red, that means there’s a problem. 

The problem in this case is that your headphones aren’t connected to the intended Bluetooth device. In this case, try turning off your headphones and turn them back on to pair. 


Whether your JVC headphones are playing hide-and-seek in your Bluetooth list or refusing to connect, these troubleshooting steps should help you reclaim the sweet sound of music. Remember in most situations, checking and clearing your paired device list, as well as ensuring a proper connection can bring your headphones back to life. 


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