JBL Flip Blinking White Light – What does it mean?

If your JBL Flip speaker is connected to a charging source and one of the LED indicators is blinking white light, it means the speaker is charging [1] – nothing to worry about in this case

But things aren’t always that simple.

Sometimes the indicator light blinks but the device is not charging, while at other times the JBL speaker never stops blinking. This article addresses all such issues by providing tried and tested solutions for different versions of the Flip product: Flip 4, 5 and 6.

JBL Flip 4 flashing White

If there is a blue light blinking on your JBL Flip 4, that means the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode. Whereas, if there is a flashing white light, that means the speaker is in standby mode. References: [2] [3]

JBL Flip 5 Blinks White But Won’t Charge

As mentioned earlier, a blinking white light means the JBL is supposed to be charging when connected to a power source. However, there might be a situation where the Flip 5 LEDs blink white but the speaker doesn’t charge. 

Ensure that you have not connected the speaker to a desktop or laptop USB port for charging as these ports aren’t powerful charging sources.

Laptop USB ports typically provide 500 mA. The speaker however requires 5 Volt and 3 Amps. Therefore a source with not enough power is unable to charge the speaker properly.

Instead connect the USB cable to a USB wall charger.

JBL Flip 5 Blinks White Continuously

If your JBL Flip 5 keeps blinking even after disconnecting from the power supply there might be a firmware issue.

Update the firmware using JBL Portable App.

To do this:

  • Download the JBL Portable App on your phone. (iOS users can search for the App in Apple Store)
  • Connect your JBL speakers to the phone 
  • Open the App and it will notify you if the firmware update is available. 

If the firmware update doesn’t resolve the issue try pressing the power button three to eight times (try pressing it three times first and go up from there).

If that didn’t work, keep the power button pressed down for at least 30 seconds.

JBL Flip 6 Blinks White and Makes Noises

You might be stuck in a situation where your JBL portable speaker successfully connects to your phone and plays music. However it produces a beeping noise and flashing white LED lights when you try to charge it. 

This happens if a bad charging cable is used or there’s moisture somewhere inside the charging port.

In the case of the charging cable, it’s good practice to use the supplied charging cable that comes inside the speaker’s box. We do not recommend using a fast charging cable and power brick.

If you’ve used the correct cable type, there might be moisture ???? salt or any other chemical captured in the connector. This is likely because you left it out in the cold or wet it for some reason.

We suggest leaving the speaker on its own for few hours so that the moisture dries out. But if you want to use it right away, grab a hair dryer and dry it for three to five minutes. Ensure that the hair dryer is set to medium or low heat and maintain a distance between the dryer and the speaker. 

Note that if you decide to leave your JBL speakers to dry on their own, the battery might run out completely. At this point the portable speakers might blink red. That means the battery is low and you can connect it back to charging cable once the moisture is extracted.

Lastly, you might want to replace the charging port because a faulty USB port might be causing the issue. It is better to take it to the JBL service center or talk to customer support if your speaker is still under warranty.

If it’s out of warranty and you’re handy here is a video that shows you how to. 

Basic Solutions

  • Ensure that your JBL flip speaker is sufficiently charged. Connect it to a power source and let it charge for at least 30 minutes before the next use. 
  • Clean the USB charging port using an old brush or sandpaper to ensure no debris or dust might be hindering the charging process. 
  • Try connecting your JBL speakers wall charger to a different power outlet. 
  • Ensure that the speaker has the latest firmware (we provided the steps earlier)
  • Make sure your charger is rated for 5 V and 3 A.

Reset to Factory Settings

One of the quickest ways to resolve issues with your speaker is to take it back to its initial state. Follow the steps below to restore the JBL to its factory settings. 

  • Turn on your JBL speaker. 
  • Press and hold the Play button and Volume Up (+) button for five seconds.
  • The speaker will turn Off and Restart
  • Now, your JBL speaker has returned to its default factory settings and it should start working properly.


This article has discussed the reasons a JBL speaker light might blink and other related behaviors and solutions.

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[1] How to charge your JBL Flip 6