[SOLVED] LG Xboom Bluetooth Not Working

I love listening to music in my backyard. The LG Xboom is a great portable wireless speaker that I always carry outside with me. My phone connects with it easily and it just works!

The other day however, I ran into an issue with the Bluetooth. It wouldn’t work. This meant I could only listen to music through my phone’s speaker.

However, the sound through the phone’s speaker is not very good ???? and I was keen to get my Xboom connected and running again.

So I started doing some research to troubleshoot this problem.

Fortunately I was able to resolve the issue and get my speaker working again. In this post I’ve documented the steps as well as additional information and links that might help you resolve the problem.

Now without further ado, let’s get into it.


LG Xboom Basic Troubleshooting

  • Make sure both the speaker and phone batteries are charged????
  • Move the phone, tablet or laptop closer to the speaker. This improves the strength of the wireless signal (also called Received Signal Strength Indicator or RSSI [1] for short) and the reliability of the wireless link.
  • Check for a firmware update of your audio device. You can see the device’s user manual to find out the exact procedure to check and update the firmware.
  • Ensure your Xboom is in Bluetooth mode (and not AUX mode). Make sure a cable is not connected to the AUX input.
  • Check for the latest updates on your connecting device. Steps for checking updates vary according to the connecting device. For example, in case of Android devices, you can check these updates by going into the Settings menu, clicking System and checking System updates. Similarly, you can check these updates in control panel, under the firmware category in Device Manager category.
  • Delete the LG Xboom device from your paired devices and turn Bluetooth off on the Xboom. Wait for some time, and try pairing them again. 
  • Ensure there are no other Bluetooth devices connected with your LG Xboom while you are trying to pair a new device. Reference
  • Reset your speaker and the connecting Bluetooth device.

As an example here’s a little video on how to Reset Xboom RN 9, RN 7, and RN 5.

The picture below shows how to reset the Xboom PL7 with a pin.

  • If the battery was fully discharged, it loses a record of the stored Bluetooth information. Any prior setting may not have been saved and it will have to be paired again.
  • Ensure that the Bluetooth drivers are up to date. For PC or laptop, drivers can be checked from device manager.
  • Ensure there are no active Wi-Fi devices around. Wi-Fi signals can interfere with Bluetooth signals and impact connectivity.

Check the Bluetooth Connection Lock

If Bluetooth connection lock is enabled on your LG Xboom audio device*, it will be accessible by previously connected devices only. That means if you try to connect any new device through Bluetooth, your Xboom won’t show up during scanning. 

To disable the Bluetooth connection lock please check your Xboom’s user manual. Most of the time it can be disabled by keeping your audio device in Bluetooth pairing mode and holding the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds.

Please note that the instructions to turn on and off the Bluetooth connection lock may be different for different LG audio devices.

*This functionality also called BT LOCK is available on some and not all Xboom speakers

Check the Connecting Device

Sometimes the device (phone, tablet or laptop) might not be compatible and cause problems. In other words the LG Xboom works fine. It’s the audio player that’s the issue.

If you fail to connect your phone, or laptop to the LG Xboom audio device, we suggest you try connecting to another phone or PC. If they get connected successfully that means the issue isn’t in the LG Xboom but the media player.

Check the Sound Settings

Whether you are using Xboom mini audio system, sound bar, or speakers, ensure that the connecting device (laptop, phone or tablet) has Xboom device set as the default audio output in sound settings. 

For this purpose, ensure that the two are paired over Bluetooth. Then go to the Sound Settings of the connected device and select LG Xboom device in the Output Device option.

An Incredible Solution

Yes, you read it right. Seemingly unbelievable, this solution has helped multiple LG Xboom users. So, why not try it once? 

You simply need to flip your LG Xboom device upside down and shake it for a few seconds.

According to these users, the Bluetooth will start working again. I suggest giving it a try.

If none of these solutions worked

The steps above are what I would call, simple solutions for a quick fix. If none of these tips worked and the product is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, I recommend sending it back. It could just be that you have defective hardware.

Remove the Bluetooth Module

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and are handy with tools try the following.

Here are the main steps

  • Open the device by taking off the screws at the back. 
  • On the main Printed Circuit Board (PCB), look for the Bluetooth module. It will be in the form of a PCB strip mounted on the board.
  • Remove the Bluetooth module and clean the connector pins using a brush or sandpaper.
  • Mount the module back on the board and close the back cover of your device.
  • Enable the Bluetooth again and see if it works


I hope these solutions help resolve the Xboom Bluetooth connectivity problem easily.

Write to us if you have found any other solutions to this problem.


[1] RSSI is a key performance indicator for wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Whether it’s your Ring or a wireless mouse, the closer the two devices are, the higher the received signal strength and the stronger and more reliable the link. This calculator shows how RSSI is connected to Internet speed. Use this calculator to understand how range varies with distance.