[SOLVED] JBL Go Bluetooth Not Working

Dealing with Bluetooth connectivity issues can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’re eager to enjoy your music through a JBL Go speaker.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some tried-and-tested solutions to get your JBL Go Bluetooth speaker working seamlessly with your desired device. Let’s dive into the troubleshooting steps to restore your speaker’s connectivity.

Use the Power Button

If your JBL Go Bluetooth speaker isn’t connecting to your desired Bluetooth device, the first step is to try the following with the power button:

Press and hold it down for at least 40 seconds or until the speaker goes off. You will hear a shutdown jingle, and the LED indicator will turn off when the speaker shuts down. Wait for a few seconds and turn the speaker back on to see if the connectivity issue went away.

You can also try pressing the power button eight times before holding it down to turn off the speaker. This trick also worked for many users.

Try This Buttons Combination

If the power button procedure didn’t work, we have another combination for you to try.

Press and hold the first and last buttons, i.e., the Bluetooth button and play/pause button, on your JBL Go Bluetooth speaker for 25 seconds. This combination has helped resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue for many users. This solution was presented by a reader in the comments section of the following video

Connecting JBL Speakers together

Note that JBL Go speakers cannot be connected to one another through JBL Connect+ or PartyBoost. This feature only applies to

Check Speaker’s Pairing

When you turn your Go on for the first time, it goes into pairing mode automatically. You can connect it to your desired device by simply going into the device’s Bluetooth settings.

If you turn your speaker off and turn it back on after some time or immediately, it will automatically connect to the last paired device if the device is around and active.

If you are trying to connect to another device/phone, turn off the Bluetooth on the previous device/phone. Or press the Bluetooth button on the speakers once to disconnect.

Now, you would need to put the speakers in pairing mode manually. For this purpose, ensure that the speaker is on and then press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 to 3 seconds or until the LED indicator starts blinking rapidly. This will indicate active pairing mode on the speakers, and you can connect them to your desired device.

The video below shows how to connect your phone to the JBL Speaker

Bluetooth Range

The JBL Go uses Bluetooth version 5.3. The typical range is 400 meters.

The indoor range however can be significantly impacted (reduced) by radio interference from other wireless devices such as Wi-Fi Access Points. This interference can cause drop outs or loss of Bluetooth connectivity.

One solution is to physically separate the Wireless hotspot from the speaker. The separation reduces interference from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth.

Note that while changing channels reduces interference from one Wi-Fi AP to another, it does not reduce the impact to BT. Therefore changing channels is not a solution.

Another solution is to change the operating frequency band from 2.4 GHz to the 5 GHz band only. Although this will mean that Wi-Fi devices (often older ones) that are only able to operate at 2.4 GHz will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Reset Your JBL

If none of the above solutions worked, we have yet another simple and effective solution. Reset your Go speaker to resolve this frustrating Bluetooth connectivity issue. Note that all the pairing info is lost after reset, and you will need to reconnect your devices. To reset your JBL:

  • Ensure that the speaker is turned on.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth and volume-down buttons for at least 10 seconds or until the LED indicator goes off.
  • Now, your JBL speaker is reset, and you can turn it back on to reconnect your devices.

Please note that for JBL Go+/Go2 and Go3, the combination to be pressed is the Bluetooth and volume-up buttons.

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When your JBL speaker and Bluetooth don’t get along, it can be unpleasant. But now, you know some simple tricks to fix it. Start with the power button, try the recommended button combinations, ensure your device compatibility, and understand how pairing works. If nothing works, reset it.

With these steps, you can make sure your JBL Go speaker plays your favorite tunes without any interruption.

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