Web Hosting Bandwidth Calculator

This calculator will tell you how much bandwidth is required to support visitors to your website.


  • Page Views per minute/day/month
  • Average Page Size (Byte/kilobyte/Megabyte)
  • Redundancy Factor




Pageviews – this is the number of pages viewed over a time interval. For instance a website with a moderate amount of traffic will get 1000 pageviews/day. The number associated with your website can be found in Google Analytics.

Redundancy – This is a safety factor to account for traffic spikes. The range is from 1.3 to 1.8 although 2 would provide adequate margin.

Example Bandwidth Calculation

If your website gets 3000 page views a day and the average page size is 2 MB, the bandwidth requirement is 1.11 Mbit/second. On a monthly basis, 360 GB is required per month. This assumes a redundancy factor of 2.

How to find the average page size on your website

Go to the Tools tab in the WordPress admin sidebar

Next go to Site Health > Info > Directories and Sizes

Here’s where you will find the WordPress Directory Size

Use the following calculator to find the page size



Example Page Size Calculation

If the directory size is 100 MB and a site consists of 50 pages, the average page size is 2 MB.

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