Bandwidth Calculator Per User

This tool gives the bandwidth per user on a network.


  • Speed of Internet Connection
  • Number of Simultaneous Users

Once this number is calculated, refer to the tables below which provide the recommended bandwidth depending on application.



Example Calculation

If the Internet connection has a capacity of 500 Megabit/s and there are 20 simultaneous users, the bandwidth per user is 25 Mbit/s. This is more than adequate for all applications below.

Bandwidth Requirements for Different Applications

Video Conferencing

Google Meet2000 kbps2000 kbps
Skype512 kbps8000 kbps 
Teams2500 kbps4000 kbps
Zoom2000 kbps4000 kbps

Streaming Audio*

Amazon Music4000 kbps
Apple Music5000 kbps
YouTube Music512 kbps
Spotify512 kbps

* Best quality

Streaming Video*

Amazon Prime Video5 Mbps
Disney+5 Mbps
Netflix5 Mbps

* Standard definition content

Online Gaming

Sony PS4 and PS515 Mbps15 Mbps
Nintendo Switch1 Mbps3 Mbps
Xbox0.5 Mbps3 Mbps

Voice Calls

Microsoft Teams58 kbps58 kbps
Skype100 kbps100 kbps
Telegram48 kbps48 kbps
Whatsapp48 kbps48 kbps
Zoom70 kbps70 kbps

Video Calls

Skype500 kbps500 kbps
Microsoft Teams1500 kbps1500 kbps
Telegram700 kbps700 kbps
WhatsApp700 kbps700 kbps
Zoom600 kbps600 kbps

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