Roku Streambar Not Working (Easy Solutions!)

My buddy John loves his Roku devices. Faced with a decision to upgrade his Sonos, he instead decided to invest in a Roku soundbar.

Things were going well until one day the streambar started to malfunction. He gave me a call and I decided to help him out with the issue.

I’ve solved many problems with Sonos and decided to familiarize myself with Roku devices.

The troubleshooting exercise was very interesting for a technologist like me. I learned a lot along the way and decided to document my findings in a post.

This troubleshooting guide covers common problems like a no signal notification, audio issues, remote malfunctions, etc. Each problem is accompanied by a step-by-step solution to help users resolve their technical difficulties effectively.

Try These First

Before moving on to specific solutions, we suggest trying the solutions below.

  • Unplug your TV and stream bar from the power source and plug them back in after 15 minutes.
  • Check for software updates for your Roku. To check the updates:
    • Go to Home > Settings > System > System Update.
    • Click Ok to see if there is an update available.
  • Restart your sound bar by pressing the below-mentioned key pattern:
    • Press the Home button five times.
    • Press the Up button once, Rewind twice, and Fast Forward twice.
    • Wait for 15 seconds before the stream bar goes off and then restarts.
  • Perform a factory reset. Please note that factory resetting means one has to start setting up the stream bar as if it were brand new. From selecting the language to choosing the Wi-Fi connection, everything has to be set up again. To perform the factory reset:
    • Go to Home > Settings > System > Advanced System Settings.
    • Select Factory Reset, and you will be asked to enter a four-digit code on the screen to complete the procedure.

No Signal Notification On TCL Roku Streambar


When the Roku stream bar is connected to the TV, it shows a ‘No signal from’ message. Trying different cables and different TV inputs didn’t resolve the issue. Turning the TV off and back on does fix the problem for some time, but the issue recurs after some time.


First, try to reset the network connection on your TV. If that doesn’t work, factory reset your Roku stream bar and TV. Also, reset your modem. It should now work fine.

Roku Streambar Pro Not Working With Roku Speakers


When the Roku stream bar is connected in a setup where wireless speakers are also connected to a TV, the stream bar doesn’t seem to work with the speakers. If the streambar is set up, the sound comes out of the stream bar but not the speakers. Resetting the speakers and pairing them with the TV brings the sound back to the speakers, but the stream bar stops producing sound.

To summarize, sound comes out of both products but not simultaneously. Rebooting and repairing everything multiple times didn’t seem to be a fix.


If the user pairs both the speakers and stream bar with the TV, the sound comes only from one device or the other at a time. The correct setting is to pair the stream bar with the TV. Then go to the stream bar settings and pair the speakers with the stream bar. Now the sound will start coming from the stream bar and the speakers.

You can check the procedure to pair your Roku wireless speakers to a Roku stream bar. Or visit the manufacturer’s website if your wireless speakers are of a different brand.

No Audio From Roku Streambar When Other HDMI Devices Are Connected


The sound bar is connected to Samsung TV through an HDMI-ARC port. Another streaming device (such as a media player) is connected to the same TV through the other HDMI port. The other streaming device displays video on the TV, but there is no audio out of the stream bar for that video. Other streaming devices connected to the TV through HDMI port should be able play audio on Streambar.

Resetting everything, software updates on all devices, and connecting the optical cable between the stream bar and TV did not help resolve the issue.


Go into your TV settings and check if CEC is enabled. Disable the CEC and wait for some time. Re-enable it and you should start hearing audio from other HDMI devices from your stream bar.

You can adjust the CEC settings of your TV by following these instructions.

Roku Streambar Audio Static and Distortion


The Roku stream bar starts producing a crackling or static sound. This can be really annoying. Also, there might be distortion in the sound. The audio is messed up, as if the sound is coming from some tunnel.


Press ‘*‘ on your Roku remote while something is being played. On the menu, go to Sound Mode and select Normal. Next, go to the Volume Mode and turn it Off. These settings should resolve the issue.

Unable to Switch From Streambar to TV Speakers


User have reported not being able to switch from the sound bar to TV speakers for audio output. Changing the audio output from TV speakers to the stream bar manually from sound settings doesn’t help either.


Ensure that you have disabled the CEC in the sound settings. Turning off the CEC settings will let you switch to the TV speaker output manually without changing back to the stream bar automatically.

Reference: Discussed on the AVS forum

Streambar Remote Not Turning the TV On/Off


The Roku remote’s power button stopped working. Users can access all other features of Streambar and TV using the remote. However the TV Off and On functionality is lost.


Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Go to the Home Screen on your TV by pressing the Home Button on the remote
  • Scroll down and go to Settings.
  • Press the right button and go down to select Remotes and Devices.
  • Go to the right and choose Remotes, then right again to select Voice Remote.
  • Next, go right and down to choose Setup remote for TV control.
  • Press right and wait for a few seconds before a message box appears.
  • Ensure that the popped-up message mentions your TV brand. If it doesn’t, scroll down to choose Change my TV brand.
  • Please type in your TV brand and select it when it appears in the list.
  • Next, press Continue.
  • The power button will start working.

Roku Streambar Remote Not Working

If your Roku stream bar remote has problems like a delayed response, one or more buttons not working, or not following the commands, please follow the steps below:

  • Remove the batteries of your Roku stream bar remote.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Now starting with the power button, press every button on the remote.
  • Press all the buttons multiple times before putting the batteries back in.
  • Pressing the buttons clears captured moisture or debris between the buttons.
  • Now use your remote to see if it works fine.
  • If it doesn’t, please repeat the steps above.


I hope this troubleshooting guide has been useful for you. Feel free to write in with any other issues you might be facing. I’ll do my best to help.

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