[SOLVED] Logitech Z407 Not Working

Logitech Z407 speakers are known for their amazing sound quality, deep bass and powerful mid and low-range notes.

But none of this matters if the speakers don’t work ????

That’s what happened to my friend Bob last weekend. He was having an incredibly frustrating time and called me in to help sort it out.

???? Fortunately I was able to help him with the problem and he was back listening to music by the end of the day.

This post documents my troubleshooting journey as I explored different solutions to Bob’s problem and documented others that I learned about while doing some research. I hope this helps you out as well.

Now without further ado, let’s get into it.

Audio Not Working


The speakers emit no sound at all. The LED indicator on the controller puck always stays purple or it flashes purple, but there is no sound even if connected through Bluetooth. Unplugging and plugging the speakers back in did not help. Nor did playing with the two buttons at the bottom of the controller.


???? The purple flashing or static LED is an indicator of low battery level.

Replace the AAA batteries at the bottom compartment of the controller. The low or dead batteries cause the issue, and changing the batteries fixes it.

Logitech Z407 USB Connection Not Working


The Z407, when connected to a PC through a USB connection, is not recognized by the PC. However the Bluetooth and AUX connections work just fine.


The speakers do not ship with a micro USB cable, so one has to connect it independently. If your PC is not recognizing the speaker through a USB connection, try changing the micro USB cable. If you have a premium USB A to micro USB cable with another Logitech device, try using that cable.

Note that some USB-A to micro USB cables were intended for charging only and did not transfer data. So if you are using an older cable, try replacing it with a new and premium one.

It’s not easy to tell if the cable supports data or power only. In general, the two center conductors support the transfer of data and if these are missing or not connected, the cable can only be used for powering a USB device.

The picture below shows USB connector pinouts. Generally, the center pins – 2 and 3 support data transfer.

Logitech Z407 Subwoofer Not Working


The subwoofer doesn’t work in Bluetooth and AUX mode. Rotating the volume control dial doesn’t work. It might appear that the subwoofer is broken from somewhere inside.


Sometimes if the Z407 is new or stays unused/unplugged for longer, its bass volume drops to zero.

To fix this issue,

  • Press down the wireless controller for two seconds or until you hear a chime. The controller will enter the bass control function.
  • Rotate the controller to adjust your preferred bass level.
  • Press the controller for two seconds again to exit the bass control function.

Solution described on Page 8 of the User Manual

Logitech Z407 Produces a Buzzing Noise


The subwoofer and speakers work fine but then they start producing a static buzzing noise. The only way to eliminate this sound is to unplug and plug them back in.


If it’s plugged into a power bar, try connecting it directly to the power outlet. And if it was directly plugged into an outlet, try connecting to a different outlet. The buzzing noise should go away.

If the noise doesn’t go away even after changing the power outlet, there is a hardware issue. Maybe a faulty voltage regulator or loose wiring inside. It is recommended to talk to Logitech customer care to get the system repaired.

Here is a useful Reddit thread that outlines various troubleshooting tips for this problem.

Volume Control Not Working


The volume control of the Logitech Z407 isn’t working when the system is connected through a 3.5 mm cable. The play and pause buttons work fine, but the volume control is dysfunctional. Note that the volume control works fine while using a Bluetooth connection.


Replace the 3.5 mm cable. In most cases, the cable replacement fixes the issue.

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth not Connecting


The Logitech Z407 speakers keep dropping out when connected via Bluetooth.


Reset the subwoofer and speakers to their default settings by following the instructions:

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button and wired input button at the bottom of the controller.
  • Hold for at least eight seconds or until the reset tone is heard.
  • The LED indicator will blink twice and return to a solid glow.
  • The reset procedure is complete.

One Speaker Stops Working Suddenly


Sometimes, the sound from one of the speakers of the Logitech Z407 turns off while playing. Power cycling, i.e., unplugging the whole setup, waiting for some time, and plugging back in, brings back the speaker’s sound. But it goes off again after some time. Battery replacement and factory reset also don’t help.


Look at the speaker RCA cable and ensure that they are tightly plugged into the subwoofer jacks. Sometimes loosely connected cables are the reason for this issue. Squeezing the ends with pliers can help with better connectivity.

Discussed in a Reddit thread

Logitech Z407 Sound Cutting Out


When used with Windows in AUX mode, there is a scratching sound every few minutes, lasting less than half a second. This noise cuts the sound out completely. Speakers have to be turned off and back on every time to get the sound back.


Perform a factory reset to bring Logitech Z407 back to default settings. Procedure mentioned above.

Z407 Auto Shuts Off


The speakers, when connected to a PC through USB, shut off after some time on their own. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a game or listening to a song; the speakers turn off unexpectedly. One has to select turn them back on manually and select the correct input on the controller.

Solution 1

Turn off the USB power saving on your PC. If you are using Windows 10 or 11, follow the steps below to turn off the USB power saving:

  • Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager.
  • Expand Universal Serial Bus Controller and right-click on USB Root Hub.
  • Click Properties and go to the Power Management tab.
  • Uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’ This procedure will turn off USB power saving.

Solution 2

  • Right-click on the speaker’s icon in the taskbar and click on Sound.
  • Go to the Playback tab and right-click on Speakers.
  • Select Properties and go to the Advanced tab.
  • Uncheck everything under Exclusive Mode.

Solution 3

If you notice that the auto power off while playing behavior occurs only when the computer output volume is low. In that case, to solve the problem increase the computer volume and lower the speaker volume to fix this issue.

Logitech Z407 Goes Into Sleep Mode


The audio system goes to sleep mode if no sound is played. The speakers stay in sleep mode until some sound is played. But one can miss some notifications initially as the speakers take time to turn back on when something is resumed and don’t respond immediately.


A temporary solution is to remove the batteries from your wireless controller after playing media. As the speakers are controlled through the controller, taking the batteries out will stop them from going to sleep mode. Also, the playback delay is reduced if you connect your speakers through a USB connection rather than AUX mode.

The permanent solution is to download and install the Sound Keeper App on your PC. This App keeps running in the background and starts when the PC starts. It keeps the speakers from going into sleep mode when idle.

Wireless Control Keeps Blinking


The Z407 wireless control dial keeps blinking slowly, and one can’t control the speakers using this dial since the dial isn’t connected to the speakers.


Keep the dial within 20 meters range. This is the range for a reliable wireless connection to keep the the received signal strength at an acceptable level. The concept is the same for all wireless communication systems and RSSI is discussed in this post. Sometimes if the dial isn’t within the range, it gets disconnected.

Another reason may be that the speakers are off. Once you turn them on, the dial will connect it automatically and stop blinking.

Logitech Z407 Not Working With PS5


The speakers, when connected to the PS5 through a USB port or 3.5mm into the audio port, don’t work at all. As the PS5 doesn’t have Bluetooth, this connection possibility is already ruled out.


The Logitech Z407 is not compatible with the PS5. It works with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS-based devices via AUX port, USB, and Bluetooth or Android Bluetooth devices.

From the Device and System Compatibility list

Z407 Remote Not Working

I have received a number of questions around the Z407 remote. The product does not ship with a remote. The packing list is shown in the picture below

There are two ways to control the device: Bluetooth using your phone or the wireless control dial (4 in the pic). This post describes solutions for both problems.


I’ve covered most issues one can face while using Logitech Z407, followed by solutions for each. I hope this helps resolve your issue. It is a great piece of audio equipment for the price but it does have its quirks. Fortunately many problems can be solved without ever having to open it up.

Finally if you do run into issues that are not discussed in this post, feel free to write in and we’ll do our best to help out.

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