dBm to Percentage Calculator

This tool converts dBm value to its percentage equivalent

Your phone or tablet might report a RSSI or dBm level for the Wi-Fi network. Use that level in the tool and it will provide you a percentage number that represents the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. The higher the % value the better the network.


Default values of maximum signal value (best) is -30 dBm and minimum signal value (worst) is -90 dBm.

Enter the signal value observed with a Wi-Fi analysis tool



Example Calculations

  • An RSSI value of -50 dBm is equivalent to 67%
  • A lower value of received signal at -60 dBm is equivalent to 50%


dBm is an absolute measure of signal strength in decibels, referenced to one milliwatt (mW).

dBm provides an accurate and consistent measurement of signal power, with values typically ranging from -30 dBm (a very strong signal) to -90 dBm (a very weak signal). Unlike RSSI, dBm values are standardized, making them a more reliable metric for measuring Wi-Fi signal strength across different devices.

In Wi-Fi networking, dBm is often considered the more precise method for measuring signal strength. A good Wi-Fi signal strength for reliable connectivity and performance is generally considered to be between -50 dBm and -60 dBm. Anything below -70 dBm is likely to result in poor performance or dropped connections.

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