Speaker Dispersion Angle Spread Calculator

This tool provides the horizontal and vertical spread in (inches/feet/meters).


  • H – the Horizontal dispersion angle
  • V – the Vertical dispersion angle
  • Distance away from the speaker

(the dispersion angle is sometimes referred to as the directivity angle in a specification sheet).

The unit of the spread is the same as that of the distance




Most speakers have dispersion specifications in terms of Horizontal (H) and Vertical (V) angles. Numbers in the data sheet are specified in degrees.This dictates the Spread at a distance d away from the speaker using the formula:

Spread = 2*d*tan(∠/2)

where ∠ is the angle in radians

The wider the dispersion, the more uniform the sound propagation and therefore listening experience.

Example Calculation

Consider a speaker with Horizontal and Vertical dispersion angles 90o and 60o, respectively. At a distance of 5 meters away, the horizontal spread is 10 meters while the vertical spread is 5.77 meters.

As the distance increases, so also does the spread. For instance at twice the distance of 10 meters away from the speaker, the horizontal and vertical spread is 20 m and 11.55 m, respectively.

While the spread increases with distance, the Sound Pressure Level goes down. This tool provides the SPL at a distance away from the speaker.

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